Chopper tank Chopper tank Chopper tank Chopper tank
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Chopper tank

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Chopper tank i plåt 4,5 Gallon med 5" stretch.

1:Aftermarket 100% New

2:High class quality and Brand New
3:Chopper Gas Tank 4.5 gallon 5" Stretch
4:Curved bottom lines to compliment the curviture of the engine rocker boxes

5:Pointy tip is built in to complete the shape of the tank perfectly and save you hours of welding and grinding
6.2 crossover holes, single petcock hole
7.Highest quality, all metal flush pop-up gas cap (included) Extra deep 7.75" tunnel for various mounting positions

7.25" tunnel

Tunnel width 2-1/2"
Overall length 25"
Width 15.5"
Height 9.5"
Tunnel Depth 7-3/4"