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Batteri Softail,Dyna 91-96

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Den nya genarationens AGM batteri (Absorted Glass Mat) underhållsfritt och en av de få batterier som kan användas liggande.

Heavy V-Twin Batteries
With absorbed glass mat
(AGM) Technology

NITRO HVT batteries are new and further complete the already vast NITRO range.

The new HVT batteries are built from the ground up with a new design of the inner plates resulting in better performance. The cold cranking capacity of the Nitro HVT batteries are remarkably better than comparable conventional HVT batteries, with better and easier starting capacity.

NITRO HVT batteries have patented terminals with lower internal resistance; higher cranking and better output power. Very high discharging capability and better starting ability. Due to a special design construction, all NITRO HVT batteries have a superb vibration resistance.

Better Performance
Better and Easier Starting
Patented Terminals
Very High Discharge Current
Superb Vibration Resistance

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